September 27, 2019

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors

Many Canadians suffer from chronic pain. Often, doctors prescribe opioid painkillers to help patients manage their pain and get through their day. But Canada has an opioid problem. Across the country, people are dying from opioid misuse and overdose1.

Manulife wants to encourage the safe and smart use of these potentially dangerous opioid medications. In April, we widely introduced an Opioid Management Program to help reduce the risk for first time opioid users, or patients who have not filled an opioid prescription in the last six months.

Details about the program, and new educational information about the dangers of opioid use, have been added to the plan member section (Personal tab) of Manulife’s public website. There’s also a short quiz where plan members can test their knowledge about safe opioid use and the current opioid epidemic.

Direct your plan members to the new opioid education materials on
Encourage them to take the quiz and test their knowledge about opioid medications. Let’s help reduce the risk for people taking opioid painkillers.

1 Evidence synthesis – The opioid crisis in Canada: a national perspective; Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, 2018.