Moving to pay-direct drug (PDD) plan

August 13, 2021

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors

We’re moving reimbursement clients to a Pay-Direct Drug (PDD) Plan.

As a plan sponsor, we understand that balancing the needs of your plan members and managing the cost of your drug plan is challenging. With a Pay-Direct Drug (PDD) plan, there are additional features and programs that help ensure plan members are reimbursed for the treatments they need, but also help keep your drug plan costs sustainable.

Why we’re doing it

It’s about offering you better cost management features and more plan design options:

  • Enhanced provincial integration
  • Product listing agreements
  • Refined pricing controls on drugs costs
  • Drug Utilization Reviews (DUR)
  • Stronger fraud prevention and audit controls, including narcotics management
  • Managed drug formularies, automated prior authorization, preferred providers, etc.
  • Access to future programs

And creating an improved experience for your members with:

  • On-the-spot claims processing and payment, which can include coordination of benefits if the second plan also has a PDD option
  • Online drug look-up tools

Once they are moved over to a PDD plan, members will be able to get their benefit card online or on the Manulife Mobile app.

How we’re doing it

Starting with the February renewals, we’re moving reimbursement drug plans to Pay-Direct Drug (PDD) plans and adding mandatory generic substitution.

If you have a reimbursement drug plan, you’ll be hearing more from us shortly.

For now, if you have any questions, reach out to your Manulife representative.