What you need to know about Manulife ID for members

June 06, 2022

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors

Manulife ID for group benefits members is now live. It’s an update to how members sign in and access Manulife services online.

Manulife ID is a single, secure username and password for everything members have with Manulife: all their accounts, investments, and products.

Manulife ID is how members will access their account from now on. Members who haven’t created their new Manulife ID yet will be prompted to do so when they sign in with their plan contract and certificate numbers.

Setting up Manulife ID is simple

The setup process is simple and we will guide members every step of the way.

They will need their plan contract number and member certificate number to connect their benefits.

For more details on Manulife ID, check out our FAQ document.

Here's how you can inform your members

You can share this support page on Manulife ID with your members.

You can also send this email template to your members to let them know about Manulife ID.

Check your security settings to allow Manulife ID

Robust email security settings could prevent members from creating their Manulife ID.

During the setup process, Manulife will send members an email with an activation link that they must use within 15 minutes.

If members set up their Manulife ID at work from a corporate email system, strong email security settings could filter out the activation email before it can reach their inbox. This is not an issue when members use a personal email address.

To prevent this issue, make sure @manulife.com and @manulife.ca addresses are added as trusted sources in your email system. Please discuss this with your technical team if you have one. 

Reach out to your Manulife representative if you need help or more information.

For sponsors who also have a group retirement program with Manulife

Members can also use Manulife ID to connect their group retirement account. Find more information about Manulife ID and retirement accounts here.