Here to Help you Return to Work

November 1, 2021

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors


Recently, Canadians have had to learn a lot about staying safe while living through a pandemic. While much is still up in the air, it’s time to establish the habits and patterns that will define what is “normal” moving forward.

What will a return to work look like? Whether it’s an office, work site or retail store, being back at work may mean heightened levels of risk – both to the mental and physical health of employees.

To help address this, we’ve created a Return to Work Guide, a useful reference when creating your back to work strategy.

What to expect from the Return to Work Guide

In this resource, you’ll have access to useful information about COVID-19, including how to maintain a safe workspace in your industry, personal protective equipment to consider and how to maintain mental wellness during this transition. Plus, you’ll find links to provincial resources with up-to-date regulations and government recommendations.

We hope our guide offers you and your employees a launch pad for safely returning to work and getting back to business.