Fraud prevention is critical

Are your plan members Claims Smart?

November 1, 2021

For business owners, plan sponsors and administrators

You know that false or embellished claims can put benefits plans at risk. Fraud increases costs for you, can put your employees at risk and can lead to reduced benefits.

New Claim Smart tools and resources

To get started, check out the refreshed webpages for you ( and your plan members ( There are new resources and tools available to help you educate, engage, and empower your members to help prevent benefits fraud and abuse.

On the plan sponsor site:

  • Ready-to-launch campaigns on fraud-related issues – downloadable e-mails, flyers and posters
  • Our approach to fraud prevention
  • Information you and your members need to make smart choices

On the plan member site:

  • New educational flyers:
    • How to choose a service provider and what to remember when submitting claims
    • Take the right steps before and after making a claim to protect your benefits
    • What to be aware of when you visit the dentist
    • Tips on how to make the most out of your drug plan
    • What a delisted provider means and what to do
  • Interactive Claim Smart quiz – asks “what would you do in each of these situations?”
  • ‘Share & protect’ digital reporting form. Plan members can use the form to submit tips and details about benefits fraud and abuse.

Benefits fraud is a serious issue. At risk: everything from a plan member’s personal information to the types and amounts of coverage they receive.