Special report: Employee health is changing

May 2023

For business owners, plan sponsors and administrators

New health insights from Manulife show younger Canadian workers are going on sick leave for mental health issues more frequently, and growing numbers are seeking treatment for diabetes.

“We’re seeing some concerning health trends, particularly among younger employees. Employers need help keeping their workforce healthy to stay competitive,” says Kim MacFarlane, VP of Group Benefits Products for Manulife Canada.

When employees are unhealthy, they can’t bring their best to work. Their physical, mental, and financial struggles are likely costing your organization.

“Given the competition for labour and pressures that many workers are dealing with, employee health is more relevant than ever. Companies should be ensuring their benefit programs can meet employees’ increasing needs,” MacFarlane says.

In this special report, our experts share their thoughts on how Manulife can provide data and insights so employers can tailor their benefit and wellness programs to the specific needs of their employees.

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