Enhanced Private Duty Nursing Experience

November 1, 2021

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors

Manulife is partnering with Bayshore Home Health (Bayshore) to help members get enhanced guidance and support for their Private Duty Nursing (PDN) needs—when they need it most. A Bayshore registered nurse will provide a free telephone assessment to determine the member’s nursing needs. Members will be able to feel confident knowing that they and their loved ones are receiving the proper care they deserve.

Bayshore is a Canadian-owned premier healthcare provider with over 50 years’ experience. They are a trusted expert in handling and assessing PDN situations.

How it works

After a member contacts Manulife and provides consent, a registered nurse will call them to obtain all required medical information. The registered nurse will also help to navigate the healthcare system and offer guidance and support in accessing additional funding through government services and programs that may be available to help members maximize their benefits.

Although there is no obligation for members to have the nursing services provided by Bayshore, Manulife has negotiated preferred pricing with Bayshore to help benefit dollars go even further.

For more information contact your Manulife representative.