Improved digital experience for plan administrators

Manulife’s contracts are available exclusively electronically. This means that the next time you make an amendment to your plan, you’ll receive electronic copies of your updated contract and booklet. This will help ensure that you and your members are accessing the most up to date materials for you plan.

Digital welcome experience for new plan administrators 

We have also moved to a completely digital welcome experience for plan administrators. This only applies to any new administrators you add to your plan. They will be emailed information on how to log into their account for the first time. When they log into the site, they will be guided through the welcome process and directed to the materials they need to get started.

Don’t forget!

We recently moved to electronic booklets. You can find the latest booklet for your plan on the plan administrator secure site and your members can find it on the plan member secure site. If you or your members don’t have access to the secure sites, Manulife can email a copy to you.