Itemized receipts at Quebec pharmacies

Starting on September 15, 2017, pharmacists in Quebec must provide you with an itemized receipt that includes the medication cost, wholesaler’s fee and their professional fees. 

Although costs vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, these three factors determine the price of your prescriptions:

  • The drug cost is the original drug or ingredient cost.
  • The wholesaler’s fee is the extra amount charged by the distributor when selling the drug to the pharmacy.
  • Pharmacist fees are any additional costs a pharmacist may charge above the drug cost and the wholesaler’s fee. They include the professional fees a pharmacist charges to fill your prescription and the amount they charge you to cover the costs of running their pharmacy.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re a resident of Quebec, you’ll now have more information than ever before about the cost of your prescription drugs. You may discover that it pays to shop around. In addition to price, your relationship with your pharmacist, as well as the level and amount of service they provide, are also important factors in finding a pharmacy that meets your needs.