Health benefits designed for the way plan members live their lives

If life is a juggling act, we’ve just given plan members an extra set of hands.

The days of expecting plan members to fill out forms or wait for a cheque to come in the mail are over. Smartphones and other technologies have changed the way people do things. They want to interact when and where it’s convenient for them, so we’ve made it easier than ever for plan members to get the most out of their group benefits plan.

Check out the member tools we’ve developed below. Or, watch the video to learn more.

Whether a member prefers to manage their benefits on the go or at home, it’s easy to use the Manulife Mobile app or secure website to:    

  • Find out how much they have left to spend - before they make an appointment. 
  • Check whether the drug their doctor suggests is covered under their plan while they’re still in the doctor’s office - avoiding extra calls and visits.  
  • Submit ANY type of claim, at any time, and get their money back fast!