"How do you feel?"

"I'm fine."

Does this sound familiar? Is it just another bad day with a little stress at work or is there more going on?

Assessing mental health is not as simple as taking a blood test. Awareness, understanding and knowledge of mental health issues may help move towards achieving health and cultivating a sense of emotional wellbeing. Preserving a healthy balance is important to the maintenance of ongoing mental health, with or without a diagnosis.

Statistics show one in five Canadians will face a serious mental health issue such as depression or anxiety1. Most mental illnesses can be treated and have a high rate of recovery among those who access the appropriate care2. The road to feeling well and living a fulfilling life may start with acknowledging that sometimes help is needed. It’s important to identify that moment and take action.

"Statistics show one in five Canadians will face a serious mental health issue such as depression or anxiety"

If you (or someone you know) are not feeling like yourself, or if you feel you are losing the ability to enjoy and cope with life, check out the information below. There may be areas where you can put things in better balance or it may help you identify if talking to your doctor or a mental health professional would be worthwhile.

Understanding mental health

One in five Canadians live with mental illness.

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Living with mental illness

Recovery and living with mental illness is an ongoing journey.

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“60% of people with a mental health problem or illness won’t seek help for fear of being labelled.”

What is stigma?

Stigma is the negative stereotype that leads some people to think of others as unacceptably different based on their identity and certain characteristics they possess, and to treat them in negative, disrespectful, limiting and harmful ways.

This series created by Manulife’s mental health specialists and Homewood HealthTM provides information about symptoms and treatments for different mental health conditions.