Your workplace culture is key to your organization’s mental wellness. Manager training is an essential piece of your workplace culture and mental health strategy.

The increasing prevalence of mental illness in Canada may challenge the workplace in many ways. If left unmanaged, employers may experience higher costs associated with mental health.

Managers have a key role in the prevention of mental health problems in the workplace by identifying signs and symptoms and encouraging the employee to seek appropriate resources.

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A thriving wellness program helps your members attain and maintain their health – leading to a healthier organization – because we know that good health doesn’t happen by accident: it happens by design.

Self-directed manager mental health training

The Manager Mental Health Training course will help equip your leaders with tools to help improve – and maintain – mental wellness for your employees.

This 4-part Leadership Training course is available at no cost to all Manulife clients. The online course focuses on leadership strategies that support mental health.

  1. Mental health concerns among Canadians
  2. Managing mental health concerns in the workplace
  3. Supporting employee success
  4. Organizational strategies for supporting mental health

The modules review real workplace situations and employee/employer interactions. Leaders get the skills and information they need to manage these situations when they happen.

After your leaders take this training, contact a Manulife representative for more information.

Interactive facilitated manager training programs

Our Workplace Well-being team provides expertise to help support plan sponsors in creating lasting healthy workplace cultures. Through consultation and targeting the unique health needs of the workforce, this team helps oversee the design, development, and execution of a best practice wellness program. Our practical approach to wellness program development underscores our program goal: to help clients navigate and select a tailored course of action to achieve their objectives.

Manager mental health training is an interactive training program that was developed in partnership with Homewood Human SolutionsTM, a recognized leader in providing prevention and intervention support in the field of Employee & Family Assistance, substance abuse, addictions, and mental health. The training is designed to provide managers with the knowledge they need to create a ‘psychologically healthy workplace’ and the skills to respond confidently and proactively when they feel an employee’s psychological safety is at risk or they are showing early signs of mental illness. 

Infused in the training are various practical real-life scenarios to help managers learn how to apply these skills in the workplace. The course will also help propel their understanding surrounding:

  • the continuum of mental health and its impact in the workplace
  • recognizing signs of possible mental health concerns in employees
  • the role of prevention and tackling stigma
  • workplace stress verses burnout
  • the importance of early intervention and what that looks like
  • responding to a mental health crisis
  • how to manage performance when mental health concerns exist
  • the role of accommodation and channels of support

Attendees will also receive a robust workbook with some pre-reading content and important takeaways so managers can leverage the learnings beyond their classroom time.

You will have the flexibility to choose the delivery method that best suits your organization:

  • In person 4-hour workshop
  • Live webinar – split into 2, two-hour segments across 2 separate dates

The content is targeted towards those in people leader positions and those who support those people, for example: managers, supervisors, HR, directors. Organizations wanting an employee level course can refer to our Mental Health First Aid which can be deployed across all staff positions.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training is a globally recognized certification program developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). Funded by Health Canada, the MHCC leads the development and delivery of innovative programs and tools to support the mental health and wellness of Canadians.

MHFA aims to help participants gain credible knowledge and practical experience that promotes mental well-being. MHFA equips participants with the skills and tools to recognize the signs when someone may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being, are experiencing substance use challenges, and/or are in crisis. Helping individuals understand what initial support they can provide those in need and how to intervene early is statistically shown to reduce harm for that individual by guiding the person towards the appropriate treatment and supports.

With a learner centered approach, participants will:

  • Recognize the signs that a person may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being, or a mental health, or substance use crisis
  • Learn how to have conversations with the person to:
    • talk about their mental well-being
    • discuss professional, personal, and other support that can help promote recovery
    • how to reach out to these supports
  • How to assist an employee during a mental health or substance use crisis
  • Evaluate one’s own mental well-being and act as needed

This course is available to all employee levels within an organization. The course is divided in to 2 mandatory elements: pre-work and live classroom time:

  • Up to 2 hours of online prework
  • 7 hours of classroom delivery (virtual is split in to two 3.5-hour sessions), In person would cover a full workday

Participants who successfully complete the course will receive their Mental Health First Aid certificate recognized by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Participants will also receive full digital access for 1 full year to the MHCC’s online first aid resource centre to further their learning and access resources to share.

Ready to get started?

A thriving wellness program helps your members attain and maintain their health – leading to a healthier organization – because we know that good health doesn’t happen by accident: it happens by design.

Please contact a Manulife representative to learn more.

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Duty to accommodate

The duty to accommodate starts with the principle of respect for the dignity of persons with disabilities. It is concerned with their physical and psychological wellbeing, their empowerment and autonomy, and promoting their full participation in society.

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