Mental health assessment and data evaluation

To help you improve the health of employees and build stronger workplaces, we use the latest in science, technology, and data. By leveraging data and analytics, plan sponsors get a more holistic view of the overall well-being of their organizations and can make informed decisions for their employees.

Analysis and reports

The Wellness Report is a full organizational assessment offered at no extra cost. This 30-minute online survey can help you determine how your employees are doing, and what you can do to improve the overall health of your organization.


48% of employees are experiencing at least 1 work-related mental health risk factor.1


49 days lost on average per employee surveyed per year.2

 The Wellness Report can help identify the top factors impacting your employees’ mental health in the workplace and the barriers they are facing to adopting a healthier lifestyle.

  • It gives a comprehensive overview of the total health of your organization in a detailed but easy to read Organizational Health Report. We need a minimum of 25 participants to produce a report for privacy and confidentiality reasons. 
  • It offers incentives to help increase employee participation and give them instant and meaningful results through their Personal Health Report. 
  • Not only will you get a real understanding of the impact your employees' overall health and wellness is having on your business productivity and engagement, you'll also be able to compare year-over-year and benchmark against other participating organizations in Canada. 

As the next step in our health strategy, our health analytics program gives sponsors new insights into benefits plans, empowering them to make better decisions when planning employee health programs. Our innovative Health Insights program uses aggregate claim data to help tailor benefits plans to better meet the needs of millions of Canadian employees and their families. Through the program, we'll share insights on:

  • trends in drug and paramedical spend
  • the impact of members' mental health, diabetes, and chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • the number of members seeking mental health treatment and using both medication and psychosocial therapy—which are more effective when paired3

Equipped with this information, our clients will have a more holistic view of its workplace health and can identify opportunities for informed decision making around plan design enhancements and product utilization for improved health outcomes. Our Health Insights reports are offered to sponsors with 500 members or more.

Our disability trend report includes benchmarking of its standard metrics against similar industry clients and the entire Manulife block of business. These trend reports include benchmarking by diagnostic proportions, duration, and incidence rate.

Sponsors with sufficient disability volume, also receive extensive analysis of the trend report by their disability management consultant (DMC). The DMC will identify key health and disability risk areas that can be appropriately managed through strategically targeted initiatives. These can benefit the sponsor in the form of reduced expenses and claims and increased and sustained recoveries for their employees and their employee’s overall improvement in health outcomes.

Sponsors who have opted to implement additional products and services as part of their mental health wellness strategy have access to product utilization reports. These reports are offered for products such as the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) and Healthcare Online. They offer different levels of reporting while maintaining member confidentiality.  

Product reports capture both usage and trends. They provide sponsors with direction and data driven decisions around the planning of their mental wellness strategy.

Through detailed reports, and other data sources, we can get insights to help understand your employee population, their health risks, disease states, benefits usage, etc. 

Additional fees apply.

Ready to get started?

Designing a mental wellness strategy begins with gathering information and data. A Manulife representative can help you learn more about the best solutions for your organization and the associated costs, if any.