RE:VITALIZE your organization

What’s healthy for employees is healthy for business. Employee are sick less when they are healthy and active.1

Manulife Vitality  is designed to improve your employees’ health – using proven behavioural science. This is the first evidence-rich program of its kind in Canada.

Manulife Vitality is embedded in group benefit plans with extended health care –at no extra cost to you or your employees!

Vitality has proven its program over the past 20 years, and is now in 18 countries, with 8 million members across the globe. No other program in Canada has this history and science behind it.

Know your health

84% of members say their Vitality AgeTM motivates them to improve their habits2

Improve your health

85% say Vitality is personalized to them as they strive toward their goals2

Enjoy the Rewards

34% more people may engage in healthy activities long-term as a result of Vitality incentives3

REAL, measurable results for your organization

The more employees engage with Manulife Vitality, the greater the benefit to your organization.

They’ll get healthier and increase in Vitality StatusTM – and Vitality Status has a proven correlation to factors such as workplace satisfaction, job performance, and absenteeism.4

Are you ready to RE:VITALIZE?