Help fill the insurance gap with easy access to flexible solutions

At no cost or extra administration for your plan

More than 2/3 of Canadians are underinsured -- there’s a gap between the amount of insurance they have and what their families may need. (Source: Most Canadians are underinsured: Study, 2017, Insurance Business Canada)

Personal Benefits: for life's unexpected moments

Personal Benefits from Manulife includes our Personal Life Insurance and Personal Critical Illness Insurance products. These products offer protection beyond the basic insurance available through your plan. You can offer one or both to your members – the choice is up to you!
There's no extra cost for you to add either product to the benefits plan you offer your employees. And when a plan member applies for coverage their contract is set up with Manulife. We bill them directly -- there's no extra work for you to do.

A little step that helps build financial wellness

With Personal Benefits, your members can be more confident knowing their families are financially prepared if faced with a death or critical illness. When they're better prepared financially, they can come to work with less worry. They'll be more productive and engaged – ready to help make your organization stronger. (Source: 2016 Manulife – Financial Preparedness Index. Prepared by: Environics Research)

Both Personal Life Insurance and Personal Critical Illness Insurance offer the following benefits to your members: *

Easy access

There’s no need to share medical details or attend appointments when applying for:

  • life coverage of up to $100,000 for members and $50,000 for spouses,
  • critical illness coverage of up to $25,000, and
  • coverage for children.

Coverage choice

We're not going to guess how much insurance your members may need Each member chooses the amount and type of coverage that's right for them.

  • Medical details are needed when applying for coverage over the limits stated above. Up to a maximum of $500,000 in life coverage and $150,000 in critical illness coverage is available. Child coverage is available in smaller amounts.

A portable solution

Sometimes members move on to other companies. When they do, they can choose to keep their existing Personal Benefits coverage with Manulife. They won’t need to apply again or set up new payments.


Speaking of payments …. they’re easy! Members simply set up pre-authorized monthly premium payments with Manulife by credit card or banking.

Potential savings

Sometimes it’s good to run with the crowd. With Personal Benefits, you give your members access to group rates. They’re typically less expensive than rates for individual coverage.

Find out more

Want to learn more about Personal Benefits? Talk with your Manulife representative. We’re here to help.

* Keep in mind …

Most insurance coverage has a list of exceptions or limitations. Personal Benefits does too. Things like a pre-existing condition rule apply when a member doesn't have to supply medical details.

Want to know exactly what that means? Contact your Manulife representative to find out more details about this and other coverage rules.