Your guide to Manulife Vitality

Term Definition
Active calories The calories you burn by walking, dancing, biking to work — whatever you do for exercise (different from resting calories, which your body burns naturally, even when you’re relaxing on the couch). 
Advanced workout Any and all physical activity that consists of:

  • 15,000 steps or more a day
  • Exercising at 60% or more of your maximum heart rate for 45 minutes-plus
  • Burning 300 calories or more
An advanced workout earns you 30 Vitality Points.
Term Definition
Certification Proof you’ve taken a professionally recognized course for training in first aid or CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Earns you 100 Vitality Points.
Term Definition
Light workout Any and all physical activity that consists of:

  • 5,000 to 9,999 steps a day
  • Exercising at 60% or more of your maximum heart rate for 15 to 29 minutes
  • Burning between 100 and 199 calories
A light workout earns you 10 Vitality Points.
Term Definition
Online education Health-related web-based courses and self-checks, such as mental well-being reviews, nutrition courses and a goals check-in. These courses are free with your Manulife Vitality membership and earn Vitality Points™ when completed.
Organized athletic events Sponsored group activities, such as running, walking or biking. These may be actual or virtual. Depending on the event’s level of intensity, you get 250 to 500 Vitality Points when you complete it (proof of completion required).
Term Definition
Policy year The 12 consecutive months following the effective date of your Agreement, and each 12-month period thereafter.

Program year
(individual policies only)

Ends 2 months (Term life insurance) or 2 months (Health and Dental) before the policy year, in order to capture your Vitality status before your policy year ends. The program year is a 12-month period in Year 2 and thereafter.
Physical activity review An online assessment of your current level of exercise and active living goals. Earns you 250 Vitality points (limit of one review per year).
Prevention Health-related activities you participate in as precautionary measures to help ensure you stay healthy, such as a flu shot or dental check up.
Term Definition
Standard workout Any and all physical activity that consists of:

  • 10,000 to 14,999 steps a day
  • Exercising at 60% or more of your maximum heart rate for 30 to 44 minutes
  • Burning between 200 and 299 calories
A standard workout earns you 20 Vitality Points.
Term Definition
Vitality AgeTM A measure of your physical age based on your current physical condition and lifestyle choices, like eating, sleeping and physical activity. May be more, less or the same as your chronological age.

Vitality CheckTM

An in-depth assessment of your health based on biometric screening, including Body Mass Index (ratio of height to weight), blood glucose level, blood cholesterol level and blood pressure along with your use of tobacco. The check is conducted once a year by a licensed health professional, wherever is most convenient for you. 
Vitality Health Review (VHR) An online assessment of your health based on how active you are, your daily habits and various other lifestyle factors.
Vitality PointsTM Marks you accumulate for healthy activities, such as exercising, getting a health screening or reading an online health article. The more Vitality Points you earn, the higher your Vitality Status and the greater the rewards.
Vitality SquaresTM An online game you can play monthly to win gift card or additional Vitality Points.
Vitality StatusTM Your level of achievement based on points accumulated during the year. There are four levels — Bronze (0 points), Silver (3,500 points), Gold (7,000 points) and or Platinum (10,000 points). Your Vitality status determines the rewards and discounts for which you are eligible.
Vitality WheelTM A fun, interactive tool you can use one a week when you reach your weekly target goal to win Vitality Points, coins, or gift cards.
Term Definition
Weekly target A customized weekly personal goal that’s assigned to you every Monday, which can be accomplished through standard and advanced workouts.