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How Vitality PointsTM work

Earn Vitality Points for simple everyday activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Here's how.

Getting started with Manulife Vitality

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3. In just a few simple steps, we can help get you set up and ready to go.

Getting to Silver, Gold or Platinum status

Get tips to help increase your status and earn greater rewards. It's easier than you think!

Track your progress using the Manulife Vitality mobile app for Individuals or Group Benefits

See your status, track your points, access your rewards, and more.

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Device help overview

Find out what devices and apps you can connect to Manulife Vitality. Link your activity tracker and sync your activity to the program. Review our FAQs that can help you get set up for success with Manulife Vitality.

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Apple Watch

Whether you are participating in our Apple Watch with Active Rewards program, or have your own Apple Watch, it is easy to set up and link your watch to the Manulife Vitality program. Earn more points, and even more rewards, when you track your activity with Manulife Vitality.

Garmin logo


Have a Garmin of your own? Getting one through the program? Don’t miss out on earning points. Learn more about how to quickly and easily link and sync your Garmin device with the Manulife Vitality program.

Fitbit logo


Using a Fitbit to track your activity? Make sure you set up and link your device to the Manulife Vitality program so you don’t miss out on earning activity points.

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Connect your Polar device to earn Vitality Points, and earn more rewards with your Manulife Vitality program. Learn how to set up, link and sync your activity with Manulife Vitality.

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Other devices and apps

Have another device or use an app to track your activity? Learn more about what additional apps and devices are compatible with Manulife Vitality and how to link them to the program.