Manulife Vitality
mobile app

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Get moving with the Manulife Vitality mobile app

Sure, it’s possible to participate in Manulife Vitality without the mobile app, but using it really maximizes your ability to earn and record your points and rewards.

What can the app do?

The Manulife Vitality mobile app is your go-to spot to do almost everything within the program, aside from getting out there and being active – an app can only do so much for you, after all. 

Here are a few things you can do with the app:

  • Record your activity
  • Keep track of your Vitality Active Reward™ targets, Vitality Points™ and Vitality Status™
  • Complete your Vitality Health Review™
  • Log athletic events, vaccinations, dental checkups and more so you can rack up more points
  • Read wellness articles

Manulife Vitality app

Use the mobile app to redeem weekly rewards for physical activity

Learn your Vitality Age™

Complete your Vitality Health Review and you’ll learn your Vitality Age – a measure of your “biological” age based on your health and wellness.

Watch your points grow

Monitor your weekly points to see how close you are to your target, as well as your overall points total.

Compatible smartphones

The Manulife Vitality mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Instruction: Change of selection promptly shifts the focus to a matching heading further down, on the same page.

About the app

The Manulife Vitality mobile app for individual insurance members is easy to use, informative, and will help keep you engaged every day to earn points and valuable rewards. Here are some of the helpful features:

  • Home screen: Keep up to date on your points and status, find quick links to key features, and scroll through a newsfeed filled with health and wellness information.
  • Online education: Earn points for completing quick nutrition courses and using interactive tools.
  • View your gift cards: Check out the gift cards you’ve won through Vitality Wheel™ spins.
  • See your rewards: Find all the details about the Manulife Vitality rewards and discounts available to you.
  • Gym check-in: Log your gym visit to earn points.

Download the app

Additional app help

Learn about compatible wearable devices and discounts.