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Frequently asked questions

Here are some quick and easy answers to common questions about the Manulife Vitality program.

All biometric results will be sent to The Vitality Group for application to your Manulife Vitality account. Manulife does not have access to these biometric results and lifestyle information.

If you have a question about your Manulife Vitality account, you can contact the Customer Service Centre at Manulife. If your inquiry is about your biometrics or requires biometric information, you will be asked to provide consent for Manulife to access your biometric results. If you do not wish to authorize this access, the Manulife Customer Service Professional will engage an alternate servicing model with The Vitality Group directly, possibly through email or direct mail submission.

There is an unsubscribe option in each email from Manulife Vitality.

Certain features are not available to Quebec residents because of regulatory requirements. While the rewards for Quebec and non-Quebec residents are similar, how they are awarded is different.

At this time, Active Rewards is only available on Android and iPhone devices.

To allow for any delay in points being reflected against your weekly target (for example, if you have not yet synced your device), the previous week’s challenge will be kept open until 11:59 p.m. CT on the following Saturday.

If, during that monitoring period, Manulife Vitality awards points and you meet the previous week’s target, you will earn a spin of the Vitality Wheel for that previous target cycle.
Points awarded after the monitoring period will not be retroactively counted.

We recommend you open the Manulife Vitality app at least once a week to view your activity and make sure it’s syncing as expected.

If you feel there was a significant delay in Vitality awarding your points, please contact Manulife Vitality. 

  • Light Workout: earn 10 Vitality Points
  • Standard Workout: earn 20 Vitality Points
  • Advanced Workout: earn 30 Vitality Points

It may take up to 48 hours after you complete your activities for Manulife Vitality to award your points and display them on your account.

Note: For Individual insurance members, biometric screening results can take up to 7 business days.

You can view your earned points on your Points Statement.

Note: If you have reached the maximum number of activity points, you will begin to see 0 points on your statement.

Please make sure that you are uploading your workouts to your account. If workouts aren't uploading, try delinking and then linking your account again.

Additionally, check to see if you have reached the physical activity category limit of 6,000 Vitality Points in a program year.

You can earn a maximum of 30 Vitality Points from a verified physical activity each day.

If you complete two or more fitness activities in one day, the activity with the highest points between each will be awarded.

There is no maximum for total amount of points in the program; however, there is a maximum of 6,000 points for the verified workout category and 1,500 points for the Athletic Events category, for a total of 7,500 points for Physical Activity.

If you have met the maximum in the Physical Activity category, you can still participate in the Active Rewards program and earn weekly rewards. You will also be able to earn points again once your Program Year renews.

Note: If you are participating in the Apple Watch Rewards program, and you have reached your maximum points for verified workouts, you will still earn points towards your Apple Watch monthly target.

If you have achieved the maximum points available for physical activity, Manulife Vitality recognizes the workouts you complete as if you had earned a Standard and Advanced Workout.

Note: You will not be able to exceed your maximum for other rewards in the Manulife Vitality program.

The primary goal of Active Rewards is to motivate you to increase your physical activity on a daily basis.

Regular physical activity can help you manage your weight, lower stress and strengthen your bones and muscles, to name just a few benefits. While any physical activity is beneficial, by design, completing Standard and Advanced Workouts will help you achieve the recommended daily amount of physical activity for substantial health benefits.

Yes, there are specific target zones that help guide you to the right intensity and are based on a percentage of your maximum heart rate (MHR). Please refer to the following target zones:

  • Light Zone: 60–70% of the maximum heart rate - Improve basic endurance and aid in recovery
  • Moderate Zone: 70–80% of the maximum heart rate - Improve aerobic fitness and burn fat
  • Hard Zone: 80–90% of the maximum heart rate - Increase maximum performance capacity

 To calculate your maximum heart rate, take 220 and subtract your age.

For example: A 40-year-old individual's maximum heart rate is 180. If that 40-year-old wanted to train within the 'Light' target heart rate zone, such as 60%, they would calculate it like this:
220 - 40 = 180 (MHR) x 0.6 = 108 (60% of MHR).

Yes, you can track elliptical workouts with your wearable device.

  • Exercising at 60% or more of your maximum heart rate for 30-44 minutes will earn you a Standard workout.
  • Exercising at 60% or more of your maximum heart rate for 45+ minutes will earn you an Advanced workout.

You should sync your devices on a regular basis to ensure all workouts are awarded. We recommend you log in to your app at least once a week to ensure any data is collected. There are instances when it may take a few days to receive your workouts from our device partners and award your points. All workout points must be awarded by Saturday of the following week.

Note: Any workout data that comes in after that time will not be counted toward meeting your weekly target.

Please make sure you are not recording workouts from two different sources.

To protect the integrity of the program, Manulife Vitality verifies the accuracy of information submitted. Incorrect or incomplete information will result in the denial or cancellation of Vitality Points, or potential termination of membership according to the terms and conditions of the program.

Weekly targets are dynamic and personalized to you and your level of physical activity.

They are designed to keep you motivated to stay active. Some weeks it may be easy for you to achieve your targets and other weeks you may have to push a little harder to increase your level of physical activity.

Weekly targets run from Monday to Sunday each week. Your target is revealed on a Monday morning.

When you meet your weekly target, you will be able to spin the Vitality Wheel™ for a chance to win Vitality Points or a gift card.

You have 30 days after you’ve achieved your target to spin the Vitality Wheel. After the wheel spin expires, you will no longer be able to spin the wheel and will have to meet another target to get another spin. If you win a gift card when you spin the Vitality Wheel, you’ll need to correctly answer a skill-testing question to claim your prize.

Yes, you can unsubscribe from in-app and push notifications by changing your preferences directly in the app.

Note:  Opting out of these may exclude you from important information that could help you better understand and help you participate in the program.

Manulife Vitality allows members to connect and earn Vitality Points™ for activity on many different devices. However, this feature is not available when connecting devices through the Apple Health App. Workouts tracked through the Health App may result in non-standard data for which we are unable to award Vitality Points.

Please consider connecting your other devices through the free MapMyFitness app. This will verify your workouts and transfer them to Manulife Vitality.

Yes, you can connect with as many devices as you want, as long as they are compatible.

Yes, you must download the app to fully participate in the Manulife Vitality program.

Apple App Store | Google Play

Purchases can take up to 8 weeks to ship from the date the order is received.

Following your order, you will receive an email labelled “Apple Watch Order Confirmation.” If you don’t see it in your main inbox, please check your junk mail folder. We will notify you again when your Apple Watch has shipped. This shipping email will be labelled “Apple Watch Shipping Confirmation.” This will provide you with the shipping date and tracking number, which you can simply click to track your shipment.

You have 14 calendar days from the date of delivery to return your device. Contact our customer service team within that 14-day period to initiate an Apple Watch Order Return Request. You can call 1-888-626-8543 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ES Monday to Friday.

No, your Apple Watch is a brand-new device. You will need to set it up and link it to Manulife Vitality separately.

After you link your Apple Watch to Manulife Vitality, you will need to regularly sync your watch to ensure your activity data is being sent to Vitality. You can do this by regularly opening and logging in to your Manulife Vitality mobile app.

Manulife Vitality recommends syncing your watch at least 1-2 times a week.

You can configure your Apple Watch using the Watch app on your iPhone.

Manulife Vitality has an Apple Watch complication (available on watchOS2 and later) that you can use to help you record your weekly points target. Tap 'Complications' in the Watch app to add Manulife Vitality .

Note: Complications are only available with certain watch faces. To learn more about this and other Apple Watch features, please visit Apple (Canada).

When you use the Apple Watch to track your workouts, the watch tracks your active calories – the calories you burn when you’re active. The calculation for active calories is influenced by your weight stored in the Apple Health App. Manulife Vitality awards Vitality Points based on the active calories you burn.

Since your weight influences the number of calories you burn, Manulife Vitality will adjust your workout thresholds if your weight stored in the Apple Health app changes. We will not adjust the thresholds if there is a minor change in your weight.  

Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch and scroll down to the bottom and click on “Change goals”. You can change your daily Move goal amount to match your Manulife Vitality active calorie threshold needed to earn points.

Please visit Apple support to learn more about using your move ring.

You can manage this from the Apple Health App on your smartphone. Open the Health App and tap "Sources" to access your settings.

Vitality holds privacy in the highest regard. In the Apple collaboration, Vitality is able – with your explicit consent – to obtain information from the Apple Health App to deliver the benefits of the Manulife Vitality program. Vitality does not transmit individual data to Apple or Manulife. Apple does not use a member’s personal information.

For more information on Apple’s commitment to privacy, review its statement at Apple Privacy Statement.

No, you can only link one Fitbit account to Manulife Vitality.

Yes, you can link any Fitbit device to your existing Fitbit account using the app.

You can delink your account by going to your Home Page and selecting Devices. Click on Manage in the Fitbit box and you will be taken to the next page where you can click the Delink button and immediately delink your accounts. You may link your Fitbit account to Manulife Vitality again at any time.

Your Fitbit account is still linked to Manulife Vitality. All you have to do is link your new device to your existing Fitbit account.

If you require additional assistance, visit Fitbit support.

All Fitbit replacements and troubleshooting are handled by Fitbit directly.

Please go to Fitbit Help Page for additional assistance.

Any Garmin devices that are compatible with Garmin Connect are compatible with Manulife Vitality. To find the most recent list of devices, please visit Garmin Connect.

No, you can only link one Garmin account to Manulife Vitality.

Garmin Swim™ connects the same way a Garmin heart rate monitor or a GPS watch does and is specifically designed to measure your detailed swim metrics: distance, pace, stroke count, stroke type, etc.

  • Light Workout: burn 100 to 199 calories in a single training session and earn 10 Vitality Points.
  • Standard Workout: burn 200 to 299 calories in a single training session and earn 20 Vitality Points.
  • Advanced Workout: burn 300 or more calories in a single training session and earn 30 Vitality Points.  

To delink your Garmin account, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Garmin Connect account
  • Click on Profile
  • Click on Account Settings
  • Click on Account Information
  • Select “Disconnect” under the Applications field for Manulife Vitality app

No, you can only link one Polar account to Manulife Vitality.

You may use PolarFlow as long as you also have a PolarPersonalTrainer account with the same credentials, linked to your Manulife Vitality account.

Delink your account by navigating to Home and selecting Devices. Click on Manage in the Polar box and you will be taken to the next page where you can click the Delink button to immediately delink your accounts. You may link your Polar account to Manulife Vitality again at any time.

Manulife Vitality program information

Looking for more help with Manulife Vitality? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a quick rundown of how the program works.

How does Manulife Vitality work?

Get insurance, incredible value and motivation to live healthier all in one package!

Rewards and discounts

You get so many rewards just for signing up… and healthy living can earn you even more!

How to earn Vitality Points™

There are so many ways to earn points – including doing activities you may already enjoy!

Glossary of Manulife Vitality terms

Term Definition
Active calories The calories you burn by walking, dancing, biking to work — whatever you do for exercise (different from resting calories, which your body burns naturally, even when you’re relaxing on the couch). 
Active rewards Rewards earned by achieving Standard and Advanced workouts towards your weekly target. 
Advanced workout

Any and all physical activity that consists of:

  • 15,000 steps or more a day
  • Exercising at 60% or more of your maximum heart rate for 45 minutes or
  • Burning 300 calories or more

An advanced workout earns you 30 Vitality Points.

Certification Proof you’ve taken a professionally recognized course for training in first aid or CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Earns you 100 Vitality Points.
Light workout

Any and all physical activity that consists of:

  • 5,000 to 9,999 steps a day
  • Exercising at 60% or more of your maximum heart rate for 15 to 29 minutes
  • Burning between 100 and 199 calories

A light workout earns you 10 Vitality Points.

Manulife Vitality Go™ The no-cost version of Manulife Vitality that automatically comes with many Manulife life insurance plans. 
Manulife Vitality Plus™ The more robust version of Manulife Vitality, which offers greater rewards, including the opportunity to save on insurance premiums. 
Online education Health and wellness web-based courses and self-checks, such as mental well-being reviews, nutrition courses and goal check-in. These courses are free with your Manulife Vitality membership and earn Vitality Points when completed.
Organized athletic events Sponsored group activities, such as running, walking or biking. These may be actual or virtual. Depending on the event’s level of intensity, you get 250 to 500 Vitality Points when you complete it (proof of completion required).
Policy year The 12 consecutive months following the effective date of your Agreement, and each 12-month period thereafter.
Program year (individual policies only) Ends 2 months before the policy year, in order to capture your Vitality Status™ before your policy year ends. The program year is a 12-month period in Year 2 and thereafter.
Physical activity review An online assessment of your current level of exercise and active living goals. Earns you 250 Vitality Points (limit of one review per year).
Prevention Health-related activities you participate in as precautionary measures to help ensure you stay healthy, such as a flu shot or dental checkup.
Standard workout

Any and all physical activity that consists of:

  • 10,000 to 14,999 steps a day
  • Exercising at 60% or more of your maximum heart rate for 30 to 44 minutes
  • Burning between 200 and 299 calories

A standard workout earns you 20 Vitality Points.

Vitality Age™ A measure of your biological age based on your current physical condition and lifestyle choices, like eating, sleeping and physical activity. May be more, less or the same as your chronological age.
Vitality Check™ An in-depth assessment of your health based on biometric screening, including Body Mass Index (ratio of height to weight), blood glucose level, blood cholesterol level and blood pressure along with your use of tobacco. The check is conducted once a year by a licensed health professional, wherever is most convenient for you.

Vitality Health Review™ (VHR)

An online assessment of your health based on how active you are, your daily habits and various other lifestyle factors.
Vitality Points™ Points you accumulate for healthy activities, such as exercising, getting a health screening or reading an online health and wellness article. The more Vitality Points you earn, the higher your Vitality Status and the greater the rewards.
Vitality Squares™ An online game you can play monthly to win a gift card or additional Vitality Points.
Vitality Status™ Your level of achievement based on points accumulated during the year. There are four levels — Bronze (0 points), Silver (3,500 points), Gold (7,000 points) and Platinum (10,000 points). Your Vitality Status determines the rewards and discounts for which you are eligible.
Vitality Wheel™ A fun, interactive tool you can use once a week when you reach your weekly target goal to win Vitality Points, Coins or gift cards.
Weekly target A customized weekly personal goal that’s assigned to you every Monday, which can be accomplished through standard and advanced workouts.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some quick and easy answers to common questions about the Manulife Vitality program.

If you synced your device by the end of the monitoring period and you feel that there was a significant delay in Manulife Vitality awarding your points, please contact Manulife Vitality.

If Manulife Vitality is unable to process a payment, typically due to an expired or invalid credit card, you will see alerts on both the mobile app and website asking you to update your credit card details. Once your credit card has been updated, the amounts owed will be processed in the next billing cycle.

If you have not paid your required monthly amount for a period of six months, Manulife Vitality may send your account to a collections agency. The collection agency will attempt to collect the amount you owe and the remaining balance on your Apple Watch. Manulife reserves the right to take additional legal measures to collect the amounts you owe.

You may have a credit card on file that is no longer valid. If you’re seeing this message, you may have one of the following:

  • An expired credit card on file
  • A card that will soon expire
  • A credit card that is no longer valid
  • A payment that could not be processed

If your credit card is about to expire, you can click on the Update payment details link on the Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch page. There, you can change or update your credit card on file.

Manulife Vitality tallies up the points you earn for the previous month on the sixth day of the month. This is the monitoring period that allows time for all activities to be submitted and counted towards the Apple Watch payment.

To ensure you do not miss out on points, we suggest that you sync your devices as soon as possible after your workouts.

You will continue to receive points that will count only toward Active Rewards weekly targets and your monthly Apple Watch benefit. You will not be able to exceed your maximum for other rewards in the Manulife Vitality program.

It only takes a moment to access your account in the Manulife Vitality mobile app. To do so, please follow these steps:

  • Download the free Manulife Vitality mobile app on your mobile device. Apple App Store | Google Play
  • Open the app.
  • Review the Terms and Conditions and tap Agree.

If you have already registered your Manulife Vitality account in the Manulife Online Access Portal, enter your Manulife Vitality username and password and tap Sign In.

Note: You can turn on the Remember Me function so you do not have to enter your login details each time you open the app. You will now be logged in to your Manulife Vitality account through the app. The next time you log in and view your homepage, you will see a green check mark under the App icon.

You can use the app to see an overview of your Vitality Health Review results and Vitality Age, and to review your Vitality Points and Vitality Status.

You can also use the app to log a workout at a gym and to submit your physical activity events like Athletic Events and Sports Leagues, prevention activities and certifications.

Tap Log an Event to submit an Athletic Event, a Sports League, a Certification, a Gym Workout, a Vitality Check or a Prevention Activity. Don’t forget to send proof of your participation by taking a photo or attach a photo that already exists in your library! Once you’ve submitted the event, you will see a pop-up box confirming your successful submission. Within two business days, Manulife Vitality will review your submission and award points accordingly. Please note that you can submit events from up to 90 days ago.

Yes. Tap the More icon > Points to reveal a history of the points you have earned in the current program year. As you earn more points, your status will increase.

Your status is also listed at the top of your home page on the Manulife Vitality website.

You are still responsible for meeting your obligations in the Apple Watch Agreement. Depending on what day in the month your coverage is terminated, and the number of Vitality Points™ you have earned in qualifying workouts up to that point, a discounted monthly payment may still be appropriate. For example, if you cancel your policy effective May 20th, but have earned 200 Vitality Points™ in Standard and Advanced Workouts by that date, the June billing cycle will charge you the discount appropriate at 200 points. In June, you will not be able to earn any Vitality Points™; therefore, when the July billing cycle occurs, you will pay the maximum monthly amount for that month and all future months until you have completely paid off the balance. Also, you always have an option of paying the remaining amount and closing out your monthly obligation by calling Manulife Vitality to initiate a return. 

If your Apple Watch is lost or stolen, you are still responsible for your monthly payments as per the Apple Watch Agreement. Payments will continue to be based on the number of Standard or Advanced Workouts you complete during each month.

You can still lower your monthly payments based on physical activity tracked through other linked devices or gym visits. You are not eligible to purchase another watch until 24 months after your original order.

If you get a new Apple Watch, you should follow the instructions to pair your iPhone with your new watch. Your new watch will automatically be linked to Manulife Vitality.

Talk to an expert

If you’re a Manulife Vitality Plus member, you can get answers to questions about getting started with the program, an overview of the rewards and benefits, and more. Simply book a session with a Vitality Personal Consultant.

Manulife Vitality program information

When you choose a Manulife individual insurance plan with Manulife Vitality, you’re getting so much more than just an insurance plan; you’re also getting discounts and rewards from top brands, plus the chance to earn more rewards through healthy living.

On applicable products, individual insurance customers can get Manulife Vitality Go™ at no extra cost or choose Manulife Vitality Plus™ for just $6 a month, giving you the potential to earn hundreds of dollars more in rewards and discounts, and the ability to control the cost of your insurance!

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