Do you want to file a complaint with Manulife’s Ombuds Office?

If your complaint has not been addressed to your satisfaction within the business area you were dealing with at Manulife, you can submit your complaint to the Ombuds Office for a final review.1

Please note: You need to go through the business area’s complaint process before submitting your complaint to the Ombuds Office. The business area will provide a business decision letter with referral information to the Ombuds Office.

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In order for us to complete a thorough review of your complaint, some or all of the information you provide may be shared with or collected from parties that will be involved in, or who have information relevant to, our review (including parties external to Manulife where necessary).

Please confirm you consent to Manulife disclosing and collecting your personal information relevant to this review, including the information contained on this form and any additional information that you supply about your complaint to and from any person who may be involved in the review or who may have information relevant to the review. Information may only be used for the purposes of the review and if the review requires re-assessment of any decision made by Manulife for that re-assessment. Information may also be shared with our regulators where necessary.

1 Please note that communications via email over the internet may not be secure. There is a possibility that information you send to us via email can be intercepted and read by other parties besides the party to whom it is intended.

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