Nosaiba S.


2023 Scholarship Recipient


Scholarship Amount: $10,000
School: New Westminster Secondary School

My Father was assassinated by the Taliban in 2021 in Afghanistan. My family and I fled the country and moved to Canada after a month because we could also be targeted.
Not only have I lost my father, but also my country. Afghanistan has been taken over by the Taliban. We came to Canada in a horrible situation. In that situation, we abandoned everything behind and fled Afghanistan. Overcoming obstacles and settling in Canada, in addition to my past was never easy, however, I never gave up. My family and I had to grieve my father’s death while also trying to settle into a new community and overcome our financial needs. 
I begin high school in Canada while also working part-time to support my family and myself financially. It was never easy to go to school full-time, learn a new language, work part-time, and care for my mental health as well as the mental health of my family.
I have always been determined to achieve my goals. I am extremely proud of my accomplishments since moving to Canada. Although the system of schooling is entirely different with a different language, I made effective use of the opportunity I had in high school. Obtaining an excellent grade is not hugely significant; however, in my case, it is because, after everything I have been through, I have managed to achieve success and overcome my violent past in a very brief time by trying hard in school.
As a newcomer to Canada scholarships are the only way for me to continue my post-secondary education because my father had no life insurance, and my family can barely afford our daily needs. The thought of dropping out of university and working full-time if I cannot afford it is the most excruciatingly painful feeling I can have. My family and I would not have had to suffer as much financially if my father had had life insurance.
Thinking about sacrificing my goal of becoming a lawyer to have an impact on the betterment of the world so that no one else experiences the inequalities and adversities that I have experienced, makes me realize how much value equitable life insurance coverage has which is not available in a third world country like Afghanistan, from where I had come.
Losing a parent with no life insurance is the most terrible thing that can happen to an individual however, in my case we had to start from zero in Canada. My mother developed leg muscle problems as a result of working double shifts and standing for extended periods without rest. At the same time, everything I have experienced keeps inspiring and empowering me to do better in life and work hard to achieve my goals. This scholarship would allow me to pursue my post-secondary education without having to worry about how to pay for school on my own since I do not have any financial support, indeed I have never had one.

My life experiences have affected my interpersonal responses to situations and moments between others. After my father’s death, I learned to be unflappable and deeply resilient. I learned that family is the greatest blessing anyone can have.

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