Kassidy R.


2023 Scholarship Recipient


Scholarship Amount: $10,000
School: University of Victoria
Program: Psychology

The loss of a parent or guardian varies tremendously among the bereaved. Circumstances are both traumatic and full of suffering, yet also exist as relief from painful conditions. In the case of my family, my father's suffering was extremely intense and drawn out over a period of 7 years. This is not as traumatic as losing a parent out of the blue, but it exposed us to watching intense suffering and experiencing a drawn-out death. My parent's policy offered relief in niche areas of our life which I am extremely grateful for. My family lived on single income for a very long time, medical bills and additional expenses added up quickly. Having a better policy could have allowed my family financial flexibility and relief. Ultimately relieving some pressure on my mom who has been providing for her children as a single parent for long before her husband's passing.

I am currently a full-time student at the University of Victoria and work part-time. I am very fortunate in comparison to many, and my struggle is by no means unique. Experiencing death forced me to be hyper-aware of suffering. Death has instilled a tolerance for suffering within me while simultaneously allowing me to appreciate emotional connections as life is short. Although it has made me slightly cynical, I try to be fully present in loving those around me. I will be entering my fourth year of psychology in September and hope to graduate in April. My goal is to help society heal whether that is through psychology or attending law school afterwards if my grades allow it. Throughout my youth, I always worked, as there was no other option. I am a hard worker because of this. My life now consists of work, school, and studying, I have a lot of anxiety about my financial future. Working while attending school is a lot to handle, but I will never stop working as it is a necessity. Having more financial support would provide me with peace of mind and ease my anxiety.

Grief is in constant fluctuation for me, and I experience it in numerous forms. This will always exist within me, but this is not inherently a bad thing. For me, grief exists as a reminder of being fortunate enough to love someone deeply. However, in addition to financial burdens life quickly becomes overwhelming. This scholarship can help relieve some stressors. When I have a steady income in the future, I will surely take out a good policy. I want to be able to support both my mother and younger siblings when I pass away, to ensure that they do not take on any of my debt. My parents did the best they could with their circumstances, and I am forever grateful for them.

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