10 strategies to get you drinking more water every day

December 2022

Have you ever wondered why it's so important to drink water every day? It’s simple, really. Approximately two-thirds of your body is made up of water. Every one of your cells depends on this life-sustaining fluid to function. And because the body is continually losing water through breathing, sweating, and digestion, it's essential to rehydrate.

There are a lot of factors that go into determining how much water you need to drink every day.

Exactly how much water you need a day depends on your gender, age, activity level, and environment. The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine crunched the numbers and they have stated that women should aim for approximately 11.5 cups (2.7 litres) of fluids per day. They suggest men drink a bit more at 15.5 cups (3.7 litres) of fluids per day.

Does that seem like a lot? Don’t worry! These numbers include fluids from water, other beverages, and food—you’d be surprised how much of your water intake comes from food.

Of course, nothing quite beats drinking pure, clean water and it should be a staple in your daily routine. If you are looking for a few more ways to squeeze a bit more H2O in, here are 10 simple tips on how to incorporate more water drinking into your daily routine.

Link water drinking to other daily routines

To get a habit going, link water drinking to a few of your usual daily activities. Start your morning with a glass of water, or have one every time you're about to brush your teeth. Leaving your work desk for a bathroom break? Grab a glass of water each time to gulp down on your way back.

Flavour up your jug

If plain water bores your taste buds, add a bit of excitement to your glass by infusing your water with something a little more exciting. Try dropping in slices of fresh fruit (strawberries, oranges, kiwi, or grapefruit), veggie slices (cucumber, celery, or ginger), and herbs (mint, rosemary, basil, or lavender).

Keep it in arm's reach

It's much easier to drink more often when there's a source close by. Make sure there's a large bottle or carafe by your bed at home, on the kitchen counter, at your work desk, and in the car as a constant reminder to keep drinking.

Enjoy more water-rich foods

A clever way to ramp up your daily water consumption is to eat it! Would you believe us if we told you that 20% of your daily fluid intake usually comes from food? It’s true! Give yourself a leg up by adding more water-rich foods to your diet. Many fruits and vegetables have high water content and can help rehydrate you more tastily than water alone. Think about adding more cucumbers, watermelon, lettuce, zucchini, peaches, and pineapple to your diet.

Start your meal with a sip

Whether you are at home, at work, or eating at a restaurant, start your meals by sipping on some water. When you’re out to eat, always ask your server for water right away. Consuming a full cup before each meal can make you feel fuller, and help you meet your daily water intake.

Water down sugary drinks

If you often drink juice, iced tea, or lemonade, dilute your drink with water or ice. Aim towards a one-to-one ratio over time. This will offer you the sweetness you crave while slowly curbing it, as well as refresh you with a healthier dose of water.

Invest in a filter or soda-maker

Dislike the taste of tap water? A filter can help. Invest in a portable water bottle that comes with a filter, or a system for your kitchen sink. Consider getting a soda-maker to fizz up your water at home - this works especially well at making water consumption more appealing to kids.

Choose sparkling water over fizzy drinks

Carbonated water is bubbly, calorie-free, and just as healthy as plain water. Fizzy water is also a staple for healthier versions of favourite alcoholic beverages. Use seltzer water and fresh fruit instead of sugar-packed mixers for refreshing and far healthier drinks.

If you drink alcohol, try the one-to-one rule

When you are drinking alcohol, try to make a habit of downing a glass of water for every cocktail or alcoholic beverage you drink. This will fill you up quicker, so you're less likely to overconsume. It'll also help you cut back on sugary mixers and syrup, and avoid a hangover the next day.

So give these tips a try and you'll soon take to healthy hydration like a duck to water!

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