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Not into scheduled gym time or fitness boot camps at the crack of dawn? While an aggressive change in exercise routine isn’t for everyone, with a few manageable motion upgrades, you can lead a more active lifestyle without stepping foot in a weight room. Here a few everyday ways to burn calories without even noticing:

  1. Clean your house: Sweep, vacuum, do the dishes—spending time doing housework can burn upwards of 200 calories per half hour of work.
  2. Rearrange the furniture: Bored with your living room layout? Lifting and rearranging furniture keeps arm, leg and back muscles energized.
  3. Do some yard work: Between mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and raking leaves, you can burn about 315 calories per half hour of activity—while toning calves, thighs, arms and shoulders.
  4. Paint a room: Freshen your space with a new coat of paint. Sure, it’s more of a weekend project, but from prep to finishing touches you can burn 350+ calories per hour.
  5. Shop for groceries: Believe it or not, a leisurely stroll through the grocery store helps keep you active. And carrying a basket loaded with items instead of pushing a cart adds the extra benefit of lifting weights.
  6. Wash your car: Not only is it cheaper than having a professional wash and wax but detailing your own car is optimal for keeping clean while you keep yourself fit.
  7. Play with the kids: What better way to keep you moving and get your blood pumping than chasing your kids in good fun?
  8. Fidget away: Are you a chronic foot-tapper? Can’t stop drumming your fingers? Don’t sweat it—your restlessness is actually working in your favour. Frequent fidgeting could burn up to 350 calories per day, research by the Mayo Clinic suggests. So go ahead and pace while you’re on the phone.

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