FollowMe™ health and dental insurance

If you’re leaving the company where you work you’re also leaving your company health plan. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still have affordable, reliable insurance with coverage that may include prescription drugs, dental care, eyewear and more.
You can apply for FollowMe Health & Dental Insurance at any age and get as much coverage as you want for as long as you want. Experience the security of health insurance that follows wherever life takes you. Your coverage is guaranteed with no medical questions asked when you apply and pay your first premium within 90 days of your employee benefits ending*.

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EnhancedPlus Premiere
Prescription drugs
$1,300/year $2,600/year
Not covered
Not covered
Year 1: $700/year
Year 2: $850/year
Year 3+: $1,000/year
Year 1: $800/year
Year 2: $1,000/year
Year 3+: $1,500/year
Vision care $150/every 2 benefit years $200/every 2 benefit years $200/every 2 benefit years $300/every 2 benefit years
Registered specialists and therapists $15/visit, up to 20 visits/specialist, per anniversary year $600 combined, per anniversary year $600 combined, per anniversary year $650 combined, per anniversary year

 Registered specialists and therapists include acupuncturists, chiropractors, dietitians, osteopaths, podiatrists, naturopaths, chiropodists, registered massage therapists and physiotherapists. Covers charges up to the amount between what your government health insurance plan covers and/or what is reasonable and customary.

Manulife CoverMe™ customer privacy and confidentiality policy

Included in all plans*:

  • TELUS Health Virtual Care1 – get 24/7 access to virtual healthcare anywhere in the world!
  • TELUS LivingWell Companion2 – Get live access to a trained operator for emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Includes an optional fall detector.
  • TELUS SmartHome Security2 – Home security and home monitoring from your smartphone.

*TELUS Health Virtual Care, TELUS LivingWell Companion and TELUS SmartHome Security are trademarks of TELUS Corporation, used by it and its affiliates under license.
The TELUS Health Virtual Care benefit is included at no cost for FlexCare members and available once the member has registered to submit claims online through Manulife's SecureServe portal. Manulife cannot guarantee the availability of this benefit indefinitely.
2 The TELUS LivingWell Companion and TELUS SmartHome Security are a combined benefit. You can select one of these two benefits for six months every three years. Manulife cannot guarantee the availability of this benefit indefinitely.

Available on all FollowMe Health & Dental plans, Manulife Vitality gives you insurance plus the opportunity to earn rewards and save on how much you pay—all while improving your health! You can earn points for choosing simple activities like eating well and exercising to completing health assessment online. The more engaged you are and the healthier your choices, the more points you can earn towards rewards!

You can save 5% on your first-year premiums AND up to 10% in following years when you select Manulife Vitality with your FollowMe Health & Dental insurance plan.

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Individual health and dental insurance is ideal if you change careers, lose your job or retire and your employee health benefits are ending. With FollowMe, you “own” your plan so you can keep it as long as you and your family need it.

Coverage includes registered specialists and therapists (such as massage therapists, naturopath and chiropractic services), prescription drugs, dental services, homecare and nursing, prosthetic appliances and durable medical equipment, accidental dental, hearing aids and ambulance services. Your plan also gives you access to Akira by TELUS Health** - 24/7 access to healthcare practitioners online, through the virtual healthcare app.

** The insurer cannot guarantee the availability of this benefit indefinitely.

If you’re hurt in an accident, FollowMe includes a fracture benefit as well as an accidental death and dismemberment benefit. If you pass away, your family gets a survivor benefit that continues their coverage for one year. 

No. You get guaranteed acceptance if you are eligible and apply within 90 days of your employee benefits ending and you don’t need to complete a medical questionnaire at the time of application.

* Guaranteed acceptance dependent upon receipt of the first premium payment and satisfaction of eligibility criteria