Now you can access your life, critical illness, and disability insurance policy details online!

You now have 24/7 access to your insurance policy details through the personal insurance customer secure site. 

Access your information instantly

By logging on to the site, you – as the policy owner – can review your personal policy details including:

  • the people insured under the policy
  • coverage types and amounts
  • beneficiary details
  • policy values (for most policies)
  • address and billing information

Manage your policy information

Update your address

Have you moved recently? Are you planning to move soon? Now you can update your Canadian mailing address online! You can also set the date you want the address change to take effect.

Change your banking information

If you’re the policy owner and are paying your premiums by monthly pre-authorized debit, you can now update your banking information online. 

Download statements and notices

Most of the same policy statements and billing notices you receive in the mail are now available electronically. You can access, print, and save files that are produced after May 27, 2023. These documents will be stored on the eDocuments tab in the site for three years from the date they were produced.

Is this site for you?

At this time, corporately owned policies – policies that have a business name listed as the owner – are not accessible on this site. Also, if you originally purchased your policy from Standard Life, unfortunately it can’t be displayed on the site right now.  

If you have your policy as part of your employee benefits, you’ll want to reach out to your employer for your policy information.

How to register

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Step 1

Sign in using your Manulife ID username and password. Don’t have a Manulife ID yet? Set one up now.

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Step 2

Connect your insurance products to your Manulife ID. To do this, you’ll need the:

  • Policy number
  • Date of birth for any person insured on the policy
  • Name of the policy owner
  • Postal or zip code

When you connect your account, please enter the information exactly as it appears on your policy documents, especially the policy number and policy owner name (e.g., if your name appears on the policy as Jane S. Doe, please ensure the middle initial and period are included when you enter your information).

If you have multiple policies, you only need to connect one policy. Once the first one is connected, the rest of the policies you own will automatically appear.

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That’s it!

Now you’ll be able to see your active insurance policies and those that have lapsed within the past three years.

Frequently asked questions

Insurance provides financial resources or funds when a certain event takes place. An insurance policy is the document that details the coverage included under the insurance.

Generally speaking, the insurance policy details include:

  • the name of the policy owner
  • the name of the people insured under the policy
  • the name of the beneficiary, where applicable
  • the amount of money paid out if a certain event happens, as outlined in the insurance policy document (e.g., the value of a life insurance policy)
  • details about when – and under what circumstances – the policy pays out
  • terms, conditions and any exclusions that affect the policy

When you buy an insurance policy at Manulife, at the time of purchase we provide:

  • a copy of the insurance policy document
  • resources and contact information for any follow-up questions

In many cases, life insurance personal policy details are now available online. To access your policy details, policyholders need to set up a Manulife ID, then connect their policy to that ID. That’s a two-step process.

To set up a Manulife ID and access individual insurance policy details online, please visit the set up page, and follow the instructions from there.

Need help?

If you have any questions or need help, you can call our Customer Contact Centre at 1-888-626-8543 or email