Flexible and affordable life insurance

Whether you’re paying off a mortgage, growing your family or supporting your children through school, you can help protect your family’s financial security by leaving a benefit to cover their expenses if something happens to you. CoverMe Term Life offers simple, straightforward coverage to meet your lifestyle and budget needs, so you only pay for the coverage you need and your rates are guaranteed not to increase for 10 years.

Plan details:

  • Your beneficiaries receive a tax-free, lump-sum benefit after your death
  • Coverage options that meet your needs:
  • $100,000 to 1 million in coverage if you’re between 18 and 70
  • Up to $250,000 in instant* coverage if you’re between 18 and 55 – no medical exam required; simply complete a quick health questionnaire when you apply
  • Stay protected for a 10-year term with no increases in premium

* To be eligible for instant coverage, you must meet the approval guidelines of our health questionnaire which you’ll find in the application form.


Apply before your next birthday to get a lower rate – the
younger you are, the lower your rate will be

Purchase your coverage with confidence, with a
30-day money-back guarantee

Coverage you can count on

  • Renew your coverage every ten years, up to age 85 – no medical exam or questionnaire required at the time of renewal. Your coverage will not be cancelled as long as your premiums are paid. Upon renewal, a new age-based rate will take effect.
  • Convert your CoverMe Term Life insurance policy to permanent life insurance at any time before age 70, without providing medical information or undergoing a medical examination at the time of conversion – some restrictions apply.

Coverage when you need it most

Get a one-time cash advance of up to 50% of your coverage, to a maximum of $100,000, if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than 12 months to live. You must be less than 83 years of age, and your policy must have been in effect for at least two years.

Ready to buy?

You can get a quote and purchase this insurance online through Manulife CoverMe.