Help protect yourself when your employee benefits end

Are your company health and dental benefits ending? If you’re in-between jobs or you’re retiring, and you want continuous benefits for you and your family, FollowMe provides affordable, uninterrupted health insurance coverage. 

You can get as much coverage as you need for as long as you need it by choosing one of four plans within 90 days after the end of your employer’s plan. Your benefits can help pay for your family’s prescription drugs,* dental services, prescription eyewear, hearing aids, chiropractic visits, massage therapy, orthotics and more.

* FOR QUEBEC RESIDENTS ONLY: The prescription drug coverage available under this plan is limited to costs not covered by the RAMQ Prescription Drug Insurance Plan. It is not intended to be a replacement for the RAMQ Plan. In order to be eligible for coverage under this Plan, you must have a provincial health card and be registered under the RAMQ Prescription Drug Insurance Plan, or have equivalent coverage under a group plan.


Get special rates for couples and families with three or more children

Have your claims paid quickly when you submit them electronically

Save money

With reimbursements of many routine and unexpected health-related expenses that may not be covered by your provincial plan.

Sign up quickly with guaranteed acceptance

There is no medical questionnaire at the time of application if you are a Canadian resident and you apply and pay your first premium within 90 days of your employee benefits ending


EnhancedPlus Premiere
Prescription drugs
$1,000/year $2,400/year
Not covered
Not covered
Year : $700/year
Year 2: $850/year
Year 3+: $1,000 yea
Year 1: $800/year
Year 2: $1,000/year
Year 3+: $1,500 year
Extended health care
$200,000/lifetime $200,000/lifetime $300,000/lifetime

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Frequently asked questions

Individual health and dental insurance is ideal if you change careers, lose your job or retire and your employee health benefits are ending. With FollowMe, you “own” your plan so you can keep it as long as you and your family need it.

Coverage includes registered specialists and therapists (such as massage therapists, naturopath and chiropractic services), prescription drugs, dental services, homecare and nursing, prosthetic appliances and durable medical equipment, accidental dental, hearing aids, ambulance services and the Lifeline® Emergency Response Service. Your plan also gives you access to support and expertise through Health Service Navigator®**.

** The insurer cannot guarantee the availability of this benefit indefinitely.

If you’re hurt in an accident, FollowMe includes a fracture benefit as well as an accidental death and dismemberment benefit. If you pass away, your family gets a survivor benefit that continues their coverage for one year. 

No. You get guaranteed acceptance if you are eligible and apply within 90 days of your employee benefits ending and you don’t need to complete a medical questionnaire at the time of application.