Flexcare® provides cost-effective options and seven plans to choose from

If you don’t have coverage through an employer, or an employer group plan doesn’t have the coverage levels you want, Flexcare is here for you. Flexcare Health and Dental Insurance puts you in control of your insurance plan. It’s as easy as choosing the dental and drug plan that best meets your needs and budget.


Get 24/7 access to consult with healthcare professionals through an app

Get up to $5,000,000 in emergency medical travel coverage

Obtain special rates for families with three or more children

Submit your claims electronically

Get additional coverage if you're 65+

Plan details

  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental services
  • Combination of prescription drugs and dental service with vision care and extended health care coverage
Flexcare Plans Prescription Drugs Dental Vision Care Extended Health Care
DrugPlus Basic $5,000 Not covered $250/2 years $250,000 Lifetime Maximum
DrugPlus Enhanced $10,000 Not covered $250/2 years $250,000 Lifetime Maximum
DentalPlus Basic Not covered Year 1: $575/year
Year 2: $750/year
$250/2 years $250,000 Lifetime Maximum
DentalPlus Enhanced Not covered Year 1: $840/year
Year 2: $920/year
$250/2 years $250,000 Lifetime Maximum
ComboPlus Starter $525 $400 $150/2 years $250,000 Lifetime Maximum
ComboPlus Basic $5,000 $750 $250/2 years $250,000 Lifetime Maximum
ComboPlus Enhanced $10,000 $920  $250/2 years $250,000 Lifetime Maximum

Optional add-ons:

  • Manulife Vitality
  • Hospital
  • Additional vision care
  • Travel
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Catastrophic

Stand-alone coverage:

  • Hospital
  • Catastrophic

Live healthy, earn rewards and save money with Manulife Vitality! 

Available on all Health & Dental plans, Manulife Vitality gives you insurance plus the opportunity to earn rewards and save on how much you pay—all while improving your health! You can earn points for choosing simple activities like eating well and exercising to completing health assessment online. The more engaged you are and the healthier your choices, the more points you can earn towards rewards!

You can save 5% on your first-year premiums AND up to 10% in following years when you select Manulife Vitality with your Flexcare Health & Dental insurance plan.

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Frequently asked questions

Individual health and dental insurance is ideal for costs not covered by your government health benefits plan, like prescription drugs, dental checkups and treatments, and vision care.

Coverage includes registered specialists and therapists (such as massage therapists, naturopath and chiropractic services), prescription drugs, dental services, homecare and nursing, prosthetic appliances and durable medical equipment, accidental dental, hearing aids, ambulance services. Your plan also gives you access to support and expertise through Healthcare Online**.

** The insurer cannot guarantee the availability of this benefit indefinitely. 

No. With Flexcare there are guaranteed acceptance options available that would not require you to complete a medical questionnaire at the time of application.