Health Service Navigator®

Because good health matters

Your health is a priority! When it comes to taking care of yourself and your loved ones, you expect nothing but the best. Health Service Navigator is your trusted online and on-call resource for health information and health care navigation designed to help you navigate our Canadian health care system - anytime, anywhere - so you can be ready for the real world.

With Health Service Navigator, making informed health care decisions for you and your loved ones is simple and easy.

You can:

  • Learn health tips and facts
  • Research hundreds of illnesses and treatments
  • Find family doctors, specialists and facilities
  • Learn about provincial coverage and public programs
  • Ask questions and get answers from medical support staff, over the phone
  • Search extensive travel health, prescription drug and natural product libraries
  • Check procedure wait times
  • Access a world-class medical expert second opinion service.

If you’re insured with a Manulife critical illness policy or Synergy solution, you and your eligible dependants may be able to take advantage of Health Service Navigator’s exclusive benefits, at no extra cost.

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