Group IncomePlus

Group IncomePlus is an innovative investment option that offers employees:

  • Guaranteed retirement income – for life
  • Consistent growth of a guaranteed benefit base plus an opportunity to benefit from market growth1, and
  • Peace of mind that guaranteed retirement income won’t be reduced by declining markets.

When available, Group IncomePlus may be added to the investments of Manulife Registered Pension Plans (RPP), Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP), or Deferred Profit Sharing Plans (DPSP).

Invest in Group IncomePlus

Fund Information

Group IncomePlus Fund Name: Manulife Group IncomePlus Balanced Asset Allocation Fund

Group IncomePlus Fund Code: 6203

View the Group IncomePlus Fund Page

To view the Investment Management Fee (IMF) for Group IncomePlus, sign in to your online member account at Please call Customer Service at 1-888-727-7766 if you need additional assistance.

Use the Website to manage your Group IncomePlus account

Sign in to your account at

Once you’ve logged into your account:

Transfer Money or Change Your Investment Direction

If you wish to transfer money within your group plan, from another fund(s) to Group IncomePlus: Click on Transfer Between Investments, under Change Investments, from the My Investments tab in your menu. 

If you wish to change your investment direction to include Group IncomePlus in your future contributions: Click on Change My Investment Instructions, under My Investment Instructions, from the My Investments tab in your menu.

Lump Sum Deposit

If you wish to make a lump sum deposit into your RRSP, directed to Group IncomePlus: Select "Make a lump sum contribution" from the “My Account” tab in your menu.

Start Ongoing Contributions

If you wish to start ongoing contributions in your RRSP directed to Group IncomePlus: Select "Start Ongoing Contributions" from the “My Account” tab in your menu.

Learn More

Introducing Group IncomePlus (PDF)

Quick Reference Fact Sheet (PDF)

The Bold Print (PDF)

1The Guaranteed Benefit Base within Group IncomePlus is the notional amount used to determine the member's Guaranteed Annual Income Amount. The Guaranteed Benefit Base grows consistently with each contribution and the Annual Guaranteed Benefit Base Enhancement. It may also be increased by a one-time Retirement Step-Up Adjustment when the member moves to a payout product.