Canada Revenue Agency Resources for Plan Sponsors

Learn about the best practices for workplace savings plan governance, design, administration and education right here.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re administering a workplace savings plan on behalf of your company including:

  • Governance
  • Plan design 
  • Plan administration 
  • Employee education 

The following resources offer in-depth information to help you with your plan administration responsibilities.

CRA resources for workplace savings plan administrators:

Read more on this topic:

RRSPs and other Registered Plans for Retirement (T4040) - Canada Revenue Agency

Employer’s Guide – Payroll Deductions (Basic Information) T4001 - Canada Revenue Agency

Pension Adjustment Guide T4084 - Canada Revenue Agency

Pension Adjustment Reversal Guide RC4137 - Canada Revenue Agency

T10 Summary – Summary of Pension Adjustment Reversals - Canada Revenue Agency

T10 – Pension Adjustment Reversals (PAR) -Canada Revenue Agency

Contribution Limits - Canada Revenue Agency

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) rates - Canada Revenue Agency

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