No detailed medical questions for your members?

November 1, 2021

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors

It’s the perfect time to consider Personal Life.

You want to offer more benefit options to your members. You’re also under pressure to keep your costs and administrative efforts in check. It’s a challenge to do both! But we’re here to help – with enhancements to our Personal Life offering.

We’re making it easier - with Personal Life

  • Did you know only 16% of Canadians say they’ve bought enough life insurance to cover their remaining mortgage payments if they die?1 Providing easier access to life insurance is a solution to help your members address the gap. It can have a true impact in their lives.
  • Personal Life is a great option! It’s a voluntary benefit that helps members get life insurance coverage beyond the basic coverage available through their plan. It’s flexible for your members and it offers an easier way for you to add value to your plan. And with our current enhancement we’ve made it even easier for members to get the life insurance they need. Check out ‘What’s new?’ for more information.
Personal Life advantages
Advantages for you Advantages for your members What’s new?
You can give your members access to affordable, portable life insurance with
  • no administration
  • no payroll deductions to coordinate
    • the member is billed directly by Manulife
    • the contract is with the plan member
  • no extra cost to add it to your benefits plan
  • Flexibility -- coverage is portable, so it travels with them, even if they change jobs
  • Choice -- they choose the amount of coverage that’s right for them
    • units of $25,000 available for members and their spouse, up to a maximum of $500,000
    • a flat $20,000 is available for eligible children under age 21
  • Convenience – members set up pre-authorized payment for monthly premiums by credit card or banking
  • Living Benefit -- a one-time advance payment of 50% up to a maximum of $50,000, if they or their spouse become terminally ill
  • Members have access to more coverage with NO need to provide medical details*
    • up to $100,000 for themselves and $50,000 for their spouse**
  • Competitive rates

When is it available?

If you’d like to add Personal Life

Talk with your representative at The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (“Manulife”) to get started.

If you currently offer Personal Life

If you currently offer Personal Life through your benefits plan, your plan will automatically move to the enhanced offering during your next renewal. We’ll let you know more about how the change will happen when we get closer to the date. Stay tuned for more information!

Do you have questions?

Give your Manulife representative a call! We’re here to help.

*A 24-month pre-existing condition clause still applies for coverage that has been purchased without providing detailed medical information (amount up to $100,000 for members and $50,000 for their spouse).
** Coverage for children hasn’t changed. Our standard is a flat $20,000 in coverage for each child with no medical details needed.
i Source: Most Canadians are underinsured: Study, 2017.