Your Claim has been recieved...

November 1, 2021

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors

Your plan members are now receiving e-mail* confirmation from Manulife when their claims enter the system.

The new process gives plan members written confirmation that their claims are being worked on. The process applies to claims submitted by paper. Plan members using paper also receive information on the electronic services available to them – so they can choose the options that best match the way they live their lives.

End to end messages - “Your claim has been paid.”

Plan members will have more information available to them when their claims have been processed and paid. A new, expanded e-mail confirmation note includes additional information:

  • The patient’s first name
  • Benefit type
  • Date of service
  • Amount submitted
  • Amount paid

It’s virtually an explanation of benefits, while still protecting the plan member’s privacy.

Coming soon – “A claim has been submitted by your pharmacy”

For claims processed at the pharmacy – plan members will receive an e-mail informing them that a claim was submitted on their behalf by their pharmacist. Plan members will then be able to review the claim details on the plan member site, adding another layer of oversight. This new pharmacy claim e-mail will be triggered 2 to 3 days after the prescription is filled – the normal time required to process a drug claim.

No need to worry. No need to call

With written confirmation, plan members can be confident that their claims were processed and paid – no need to worry, call, or check the website.

We continue to work on other ways to make the claims process easier. We’re developing additional tools that will help plan members track their claims closer as they journey from “claims made” to “claims paid.”

* applies to plan members who have provided Manulife with a valid e-mail address.