Whole Life

Permaterm B

Original line of business: Financial Life

Updated on: Dec 14, 2018

Product snapshot

Non-participating level coverage with guaranteed premiums payable to age 100, after which the plan is fully paid-up.

Basic product information

Product administration guide: N/A

Sample contract: N/A

Dividend options: N/A

Bonus: N/A

Dividend options




Premium paying period

Level premiums are guaranteed payable to age 95-anniversary following age 95 (originally payable to age 100 but has since changed to age 95 due to an enhancement of the product)

Policy fees

  • Issued in 1987 - 1988 = $125
  • Issued 1989 and after = single life $125, joint life $250

Deposit load


Values, loans & withdrawals

Non forfeiture option: Yes

Loans: Yes

Withdrawals: N/A

Non-forfeiture option


  • Reduced paid up
  • Once policy has cash values



Policy loans are not available on this product



Cash value

This policy has guaranteed cash values on some policies begin at the later of age 65 or 20 policy years however not all do. Please verify the table of values in the client's contract for the date the guaranteed cash values begin

Reduced paid up

Guaranteed cash values and reduced paid-up values begin at the later of age 65 or 20 years and increase with attained age

Riders & benefits

Premium offset/holiday: N/A

Premium offset/holiday


Death benefit

Basic coverage only

Reinstatement period

You may apply to reinstate your policy at any time within two years after the start of the grace period