Mortgage disability insurance

Help protect your family, your home and your savings if you’re unable to work

One in three Canadians will be disabled for 90 days or more before age 65.1 If that were to happen to you, would you have trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments? Many people would, which is why mortgage disability insurance is so important. If you are totally disabled for 60 days or more, it will cover your monthly mortgage payments so you can focus on getting better.


Coverage can start immediately

No waiting period

Budget-friendly payment options

Monthly, semi-monthly or weekly

Top-up existing coverage

Preserve your current coverage for other priorities

You're covered wherever you work

Coverage stays with you wherever your career takes you

Partial coverage

Flexibility to choose the amount of coverage that works for you and your budget2

60-day money-back guarantee

So you can consider your options while being covered

Plan details

  • Coverage up to $10,000/month for a combined maximum of 24 months
  • Includes a bonus disability payment to help you get back on your feet once you return to work if you haven't already received the maximum number of payments
  • Can be complemented with mortgage life insurance


  • To apply, you must be a Canadian resident age 18 to 64 and a borrower, co-borrower or guarantor for a residential mortgage
  • Everyone is eligible for some level of protection

Ready to buy?

Talk to your mortgage broker or mortgage provider.

1 Canada Life and Health Insurance Association, A guide to disability insurance, January 2016

2 Partial Coverage subject to eligibility criteria.

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