Reach your investment goals faster

Whether you’re saving for a vacation or car, or a long-term goal like a new home or cottage, a tax-free savings account (TFSA) is a great way to meet your saving goal.

With a TFSA:

  • You pay no tax on the growth of your investments
  • You pay no tax on withdrawals
  • You pay no tax when your TFSA passes to your heirs

TFSA withdrawals don’t affect federal income-tested benefits and credits such as Old Age Security or Employment Insurance. That makes TFSAs an excellent way to build extra savings for retirement or periods of unemployment.

Accelerate your education savings with these strategies:

Start early

you can open a TFSA at 18; the longer your investments enjoy tax-free growth, the better

Set up regular contributions

try to save the maximum each year

Keep your plan growing

by recontributing any amounts you withdraw in the calendar year following the withdrawal

Contribute in retirement

keep money growing tax-free by depositing excess income, such as forced Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) minimum withdrawals, not needed for daily living expenses into your TFSA; there’s no upper age limit for contributing to a TFSA

Catch up

by contributing up to your maximum if you haven’t opened a TFSA yet; your contribution room carries forward when you don’t use it

Get higher returns and less risk

with a diversified portfolio designed to meet your personal goals

Ready to invest?

Speak to your advisor to discuss investment options to help meet your needs. If you don’t have an advisor, we can help you find one.