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Manulife Ideal Signature Select™

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You get flexibility of choice with Manulife Ideal Signature Select:

Choose the guarantees and investments that fit your needs best today, with the flexibility to change your fund selections (fees and certain conditions may apply)

Have confidence knowing the funds are managed by some of Canada’s quality investment professionals

Manulife segregated fund RESP

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Saving for post-secondary education with a Manulife Segregated Fund RESP is simple:

No annual contribution limits on your investment with an RESP ($50,000 lifetime maximum for each Student Beneficiary)

Speak to your advisor about the significant tax benefits that are available

GIF select InvestmentPlus®

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Combines growth potential with the unique protection features of a segregated fund contract:

Choose investment funds from fixed income to specialty equity

Access some of Canada’s quality fund managers

Have the flexibility to change fund selections (fees and certain conditions may apply)

Manulife private investment pools – MPIP Segregated pools

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You’ve worked hard to save your money in order to invest carefully. With MPIP Segregated Pools, you can: 

Choose from equity, balanced and fixed income pools

Potentially benefit from tiered Management Fee Reimbursements and household contract-linking to qualify for further Management Fee Reimbursements (certain conditions may apply)

Capitalize on market volatility with automatic investing. To alleviate some of the risks with investing large lump sum investments, the amount can be divided into smaller sums and invested at regular intervals over a period of time

Manulife RetirementPlus®

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Manulife RetirementPlus offers a plan for saving and reaching your financial goals sooner than you may expect. You’ll have:

The option of a guaranteed stream of income when the time is right for you (age restrictions and other conditions apply)

Special bonuses called Income Credits that help you catch up on your savings goals (Income Credits are not cash deposits, they increase the basis for calculating future guaranteed income; view details for more information) 

Choice of funds and investment options

Manulife PensionBuilder®

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Prepare for your retirement with a secure, guaranteed income stream for life with Manulife PensionBuilder:

Choose when and how to invest, and when to start receiving income (exceeding withdrawal thresholds may have a negative impact on future income payments; age restrictions and other conditions may apply)

Select a lifetime guaranteed income option for you, or you and your spouse

Access Manulife’s investment management expertise in low-risk, fixed-income investments

Global absolute return strategies (GARS)

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Help protect yourself from market ups and downs:

Accessible in some Manulife Investments segregated fund products* 

Aims to deliver positive absolute returns over the medium to long term in all market conditions

A portfolio manager you can trust

*The segregated funds invest substantially all their assets in Canadian dollar hedged Class Z shares of the Standard Life Investments Global SICAV Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund (the “GARS Fund”). The assets of the GARS Fund are managed by Standard Life Investments Limited. Performance of the Standard Life Investments Global SICAV Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund is not guaranteed. This fund is not a substitute for cash or deposits. In order to achieve its investment objective, the Standard Life Investments Global SICAV Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund will make extensive use of derivatives. The value of an investment may rise as well as fall.

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