Since exchange-traded funds (ETFs) were first offered over 25 years ago, they have come a long way. They have evolved to offer a range of benefits and are managed using a variety of different approaches, including ‘strategic beta,’ which, in the case of Manulife ETFs, are guided by decades of academic research. ETFs remain one of the most popular and innovative investment solutions available to investors. And that’s just the beginning.

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Dimensional Canada sub-advises Manulife ETFs. They are a pioneer in multifactor investing.

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The four factors

Academic research has shown that securities that offer higher expected returns share certain characteristics, or factors.

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Strategic beta: a better option

Strategic beta strategies, such as Manulife ETFs, may be an attractive option for investors interested in low-cost, diversified equity exposure.

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ETFs: Go global with ETFs

With Canada representing such a small percentage of the world’s investment opportunities, it’s more important than ever to go global.

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ETFs: A core part of your success

Thanks to the way ETFs are constructed and managed, they lend themselves to being a great foundation for a portfolio.

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ETFs: More eggs for your baskets

There are many types of ETFs available to investors. That means plenty of opportunity to diversify your portfolio.

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Invest for the long term with ETFs

ETFs can be an effective way to seek long-term growth, particularly when you consider the compounded benefit of lower fees.

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Strategic Beta: a better option

Strategic beta strategies, such as Manulife ETFs, may be an attractive option for investors interested in low-cost, diversified equity exposure.

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ETF Benefits - What’s in it for you?

‘Low cost’ is arguably the most well-documented benefit of investing in ETFs. What are there other unique attributes?

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Demystifying ETFs

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) continue to grow in popularity. So what are they, and how do they compare to other investments?

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Manulife ETFs - Regulatory Documents

75% of people’s response to investing in an ETF is WTF? As in Who’s this for? Good question. Manulife ETFs, informed by the research of prominent academics and Nobel Prize winners in finance, are for Advisors who think passive alone isn’t enough. For Advisors who want an investment strategy backed by serious academic research. Source: Ipsos Study, January 2018, n=2,000 Canadians aged 18+, +\- 2.5 points commissioned by Manulife.

Pro-human or Pro-robot?  Your choice. Robots don’t guide our ETFs, insights from world-renowned academic thinkers do. And that’s the kind of thinking your human clients deserve.

11% of ETFs are ʺsmartʺ. Are yours? Manulife strategic beta ETFs are backed by over 35 years of research, guiding investors through all market conditions – offering you a smart approach for your clients. Source: 11% of Canadian registered ETFs are identified as Smart Beta. Strategic Insight, ETF and Index Funds Report Q4 2017.  

Commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with exchange traded funds (ETFs). Investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses and other important information are contained in the prospectus, please read it before investing. ETFs are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

“Dimensional Fund Advisors” and “Dimensional” refer to the Dimensional separate but affiliated entities generally, rather than to one particular entity. Dimensional Fund Advisors Canada ULC is the sub-advisor to the Manulife ETFs. Neither Dimensional Fund Advisors Canada ULC nor its affiliates is affiliated with Manulife Investments or any of its affiliated entities. Dimensional Fund Advisors LP receives compensation from Manulife in connection with licensing rights to the Indexes. Dimensional Fund Advisors LP does not sponsor, endorse, or sell, and makes no representation as to the advisability of investing in, the Manulife ETFs.

Manulife ETFs are managed by Manulife Investments, a division of Manulife Asset Management Limited.