Manulife annuities

Guaranteed income

Invest in a simple, worry-free contract that provides a guaranteed stream of income for life, or for a chosen period of time, with a Manulife Annuity.

Invest now to have guaranteed income with a Manulife Annuity: 

Customize your Manulife Annuity—choose a term of up to 30 years or for life, optional automatic payment increases that can help offset the effects of inflation, and more 

Potentially receive higher income compared to other guaranteed investments

Benefit from tax advantages when you buy a Manulife Annuity:

For non-registered annuities, the payments are a blend of interest and a return of principal, but only the interest income is taxable. Also, the interest income can be averaged over the lifetime of the annuity so you could potentially benefit from tax deferral (some conditions apply).

If you’re 65 or over, taxable income from an annuity generally qualifies for the pension income tax credit and for pension income splitting

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