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Information for your Clients

MPP Standard Print Brochure (PDF)
MPP Standard AppKick Brochure (PDF)
MPP Sales One-Pager (PDF)
MPP Sales One-Pager - Customizable (PDF)
"Top 10" reasons why your clients should choose MPP insurance (PDF)
Win with MPP insurance from Manulife! (PDF)
Manulife MPP insurance is a portable choice! (PDF)
Your competitive mortgage deserves competitive protection  (PDF)
For Investment Property Buyers (PDF)
For First-Time Home Buyers (PDF)
Insurance facts – and fiction (PDF)

Information for You

Forms & Procedures

How to Complete an Application (PDF)
MPP Fact Sheet (PDF)
What happens after a Mortgage Protection Plan application is generated? (PDF)   Accessing and Using the Secure MPPBroker Website (PDF)
Responding to the Tough Customer - Handling your Clients' Objections (PDF)
Features & Benefits of Mortgage Protection Plan (PDF)
View a sample of the Certificate of Insurance (PDF)

Manulife Procedures Microsite
Under your office's agreement with Mortgage Protection Plan, you are required to follow certain simple procedures that are listed on this site. This is "must" reading for everyone who offers MPP.


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How offering Mortgage Protection Plan protects you from expensive and unwanted lawsuits (and can eliminate E&O claims) (PDF)


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The Insurer is The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company