The steps retirement program

Manulife's Steps Retirement Program® (Steps) provides members with an estimate of their annual retirement income based on their specific data (age, investor style, contribution rates).  Steps also helps members set a retirement income goal, create a plan to achieve that goal, and track their progress. Members see their personal estimates both on the secure site and on every statement they receive.

View a demo

Steps Retirement Program® (Video)

To see a demonstration of how Steps works for Plan Members, follow the instructions provided.

For ease of use, print this screen for reference while accessing the demonstration

  • Visit
  • Read the first screen and click on "Next" to proceed.
  • Enter the Policy Number: 20000999
  • Enter the Access Code: s4321
  • Follow the directions on each screen to complete the process.

This demonstration provides you with the experience and information that an existing Plan Member would go through when setting his or her goal through the Steps program.

Steps is accessible to existing members through the secure Plan Member website by logging on with the Plan Member's customer number and PIN.

To view the demonstration, you will need to ensure Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or later) is installed on your computer.