Invest in your child’s future

You want your child to enjoy the lifelong benefits of a post-secondary education, but as tuition and education costs rise, your savings may not be enough. A Manulife Segregated Fund RESP helps you grow your savings to support your child’s education goals.

How it works

Saving for post-secondary education with a Manulife Segregated Fund RESP is simple

Benefit from flexibility and convenience:

  • No annual contribution limits on your investment ($50,000 lifetime maximum)
  • Speak to your advisor about the significant tax benefits that are available

For qualified beneficiaries, contribute to your Manulife Segregated Fund RESP with funds from government grants and incentives (federal only – provincial grant and incentive programs not supported)

Your investment is protected by unique segregated fund contract guarantees

Ready to invest?

Speak to your advisor to discuss investment options to help meet your needs. If you don’t have an advisor, we can help you find one.