Aim to grow, protect and diversify

As your needs change through life, you’re looking for simple yet flexible and comprehensive investment solutions that evolves with you. A Manulife Ideal Signature Select™ contract lets you save for retirement by allowing you to choose the guarantees and investments that fit your needs today. It also gives you the flexibility to change your fund selections*. You’ll be confident knowing the funds are managed by some of Canada’s quality investment professionals.

*Fees and certain conditions may apply.


Protect and potentially grow your money

from the time you start saving to when you retire

Leave money for your loved ones

with the ability to bypass your estate by naming a beneficiary other than the estate to receive the death benefit

Optimize your retirement income

The Payout Benefit Guarantee, combined with dollar-for-dollar reductions, works extra hard to manage risk for people who are drawing income from a retirement income plan

You get flexibility of choice with Manulife Ideal Signature Select

Whether you want to save, grow and protect your money, or retire with confidence while taking advantage of unique features, Manulife Ideal Signature Select gives you choices. As a segregated fund contract, offered only by an insurance company, the built-in guarantees help manage risk and make it easier for your family or loved ones to benefit.

Choose from more than 40 funds

Provide guarantees for you and your loved ones

Fit your life and retirement goals

Ready to invest?

Speak to your advisor to discuss investment options to help meet your needs. If you don’t have an advisor, we can help you find one.