Tax-sheltered investment growth for your pension funds

If you leave or lose a job where you had a pension plan that requires or gives you the option to transfer your funds out of the plan, maintaining the tax-deferred status of your hard-earned savings is the key to living the life you want in retirement. With a locked-in retirement account (LIRA) from Manulife, any growth in your pension plan money continues to be tax-deferred after you leave a company.


Any growth will continue to be tax free until you withdraw the money

Control your investments—you decide how you invest your money

Name a beneficiary to receive your money after you're gone—if you have a spouse, they may have priority as a beneficiary

Using your LIRA

Convert your LIRA to a Life Income Fund (LIF) or life annuity for your retirement income as allowed by the pension rules that govern your locked-in money.

Ready to invest?

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