Manulife Travel Insurance Products are designed to give you a simple, affordable way to help protect yourself against the cost of unexpected expenses associated with Trip Cancellations, Interruptions, Medical costs and more.

Transat Concierge Club Plan

Transat Non-Medical Concierge Club

Transat Youth All-Inclusive

Transat Air Fare Cancellation

Transat Annual All-Inclusive

Transat Annual Medical

Transat Annual Non-Medical Inclusive

Transat Baggage and Personal Effects

Transat Bounceback Insurance

Transat Canada All Inclusive

Transat Emergency Medical

Transat Quick Trip Emergency Medical

Transat Rental Vehicle Damage

Transat Standard

Transat Standard Non-Medical

Transat Summer Medical

Transat Travel Accident

Transat Trip Cancellation

Transat Visitors To Canada

Transat Youth Emergency Medical

Air Miles Worldwide Comprehensive

Air Miles Canada Comprehensive

Air Miles Non-Medical Inclusive

Air Miles Car Combo

Air Miles Emergency Medical

Air Miles Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption

Air Miles Rental Vehicle Damage

Manulife Flight Assistance

Manulife Global All-Inclusive

Manulife Global Annual All-Inclusive

Manulife Global Baggage and Personal Effects

Manulife Global Emergency Medical

Manulife Global Annual Emergency Medical

Manulife Global Non-Medical Inclusive

Manulife Global Trip Cancellation and Interruption

Manulife Basic Package Plan

Manulife Global Rental Vehicle Damage

Manulife Global Canada Medical

 Manulife Global Visitor to Canada

Manulife Global Air Fare Cancellation

Manulife Global Premium Protection Plan

Manulife Global Youth/Student Deluxe Plan

Manulife Global Youth All-Inclusive Plan

Manulife Global Youth Emergency Medical Plan All-Inclusive - Airmiles All-Inclusive - Airmiles Non-Medical Inclusive - Airmiles Trip Cancellation and Interruption

Senior Discovery Tours All-Inclusive Travel Insurance Policy