The Evolution of Product Compare-Corporate Product Compare

Since June 2013 wholesalers and advisors have taken advantage of the Product Compare sales tool that compares up to 4 different life insurance solutions in one easy to understand presentation.

Product Compare, like most insurance tools and concepts, has evolved over time. This evolution has resulted in advisors asking for Product Compare solutions to support the sale of corporate owned life insurance. Manulife’s Advanced Sales team has listened to these requests and now offers Corporate Product Compare solutions.

The Corporate Product Compare presentation is like the personal Product Compare presentation in that it summarizes policy values including annual deposits, cash values, and death benefits. It also provides the same IRR & NPV analysis. What is unique to Corporate Product Compare is that the presentation includes Capital Dividend Account (CDA) and Net Estate Values. This additional information makes it easier for your corporate clients to make an informed decision about the product solution that will best meet their needs from a cost and benefit perspective.

To secure a Corporate Product Compare presentation, email the insurance product illustrations, in PDF format, to Ensure the ACB column is included with each product illustration, as well as the client’s personal dividend tax rate and the PV rate.

Corporate Product Compare presentations can compare up to 3 different insurance product solutions in one presentation. Our turnaround time for Corporate Product Compare presentations is generally 24 – 48 hours.

For more information on Product Compare, Corporate Product Compare or another insurance concept or planning tool contact your Manulife wholesaler.

Date: June 2017