Need marketing support for sales concepts? We’re with you!

You probably know that if you have a tax or estate planning question about life or living benefits insurance, Manulife’s industry-leading Tax & Estate Planning Group will have the answer. But did you know that if you want some marketing help for sales concepts we have that too?

We offer a wide variety of insurance-based sales concepts, all of which are supported by an extensive package of materials, including client flyers. And many also include a client profile, fact finder, information guide, slide show and CE-accredited training.

And, we’ve recently created a new website for both you and your clients that offers a video presentation and Q&A so your clients can easily learn how our concepts can help them reach their financial goals. Check out Estate Bond on today. We’re adding the Insured Retirement Program to the site later in 2009.

So where do you find all these great concepts and their materials?

Diamond View. You can find most of our concepts on Manulife’s Diamond View illustration software. When you enter any product or concept, click on the drop down menu called “Marketing Materials”. Then choose Concepts and you’ll see the link to all the support materials available for each of the Diamond View concepts.

Repsource. On the main page of Repsource, choose the Sales Concepts link in the Insurance box which is found in the Sales Resources section. Then choose the concept you’re interested in. You can also enter the concept name, ordering number or product name into the Search on the upper right side of your screen.

Manulife’s Tax & Estate Planning website. You can access the website at or by clicking the link on the Repsource homepage in the Insurance box which is, again, found in the Sales Resources section. Once you have entered the website, click on Sales Concepts under the Tax and Insurance Resources section.

Questions? From choose Contact Us and then Advanced Sales Unit. We’re here to help.

May 2011