Creating integrated solutions with Immediate Finance Arrangements

For your affluent clients and business owners, the Immediate Finance Arrangement (IFA) can be an effective way of providing your clients with life insurance protection today and into the future while preserving cash for investment purposes.

At Manulife Financial, we offer a unique service to support you when marketing the IFA strategy. First, your Insurance Wholesaling team can help you determine client suitability and then develop the case where appropriate. Next, the Tax, Retirement and Estate Planning Services team can recommend optimum product solutions and provide customized IFA illustrations and technical case support. Finally, Manulife Bank can complete the strategy by providing the loans.

This unique package provides you with all of the tools and support you need to market the concept successfully.

Consider the Manulife advantage

Industry-leading whole life product–Performax Gold – provides the policy benefits necessary to work effectively with the IFA strategy.

Industry- leading illustration support. Our illustrations provide your client with the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. We can illustrate customized solutions that reflect different rate assumptions, lending costs, additional collateral issues, etc.

Technical and marketing support that can help you in all aspects of the sales process.

Access to a lender who understands the strategy and has an appetite to provide the loan.

Consider the Manulife Bank advantage

Manulife Bank is active in this market, has the expertise necessary to facilitate the loan and a competitive cost structure.

Competitive application fee: 0.5% of line of credit (negotiable for loan amounts over $3MM)

Competitive target lending rates. *

For lines of credit up to $1 million: Prime + 1%

For lines of credit of $1 million to $3 million: Prime + 0.5%

For lines of credit in excess of $3 million: Prime + 0.25%

Private Banking services available through Manulife Private Wealth

Prearranged borrowing for up to 10 years

A proven history of expertise, efficiency and consistency in insurance based lending

The IFA strategy is not for everyone. But where you have the right client for the strategy, Manulife Financial offers a unique blend of support and services to meet your client’s needs.

August 2014

*Rates are variable and subject to change without notice. Visit “” for current interest rates