Corporate Product Compare – Evolving again to better meet client needs

When recommending a corporate owned life insurance policy to your client it is important to understand their motivations and objections. There may be many factors involved for clients when making a decision as to the type of product they should purchase. At the end of the day we need to validate the value of life insurance to their financial portfolio in the context of what is motivating them. It is comforting to know there is a sales tool that will help your client better understand what corporate owned policy will best meet their needs from a cost and benefit perspective. And as you know this tool is called Corporate Product Compare.

In June 2017, Advanced Sales introduced Corporate Product Compare to our field partners. It evolved from Product Compare that focused on personal planning situations. When introducing Corporate Product Compare we changed the output to reflect corporate owned solutions by adding CDA and Net Estate Value analysis.

But as you know things change and analysis evolves. We are happy to announce we have made further enhancements to Corporate Product Compare. It now includes “Equivalent Before Tax Interest Rate” analysis as part of the output. This analysis shows what interest rate a taxable investment must earn each year to match the Net Estate Value of the different life insurance solutions being compared. This analysis will make it even easier for your client to compare different insurance solutions and see the level of value the different solutions provide.

Submit the product illustrations and the corporate and personal dividend tax rates to to get your custom comparison. (up to 3 products can be compared). We return the corporate product compare illustration within 24-48 hrs.

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